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Objective Engineering Inc. enjoys challenges that are not the norm and seem as highly improbable to solve.

What We Do

Structural Engineering

Industrial, Construction, Manufacturing, Fabrication and Commercial

Work Equipment

Inspections, reviews, repairs, de-rating and investigations of Cranes, MEWP, Lifting Devices, Monorails, Rail Equipment, Lift Trucks, Overhead Cranes

Custom Design & Compliance Review

Fall Protection, Temporary Structures, Crane Shoring, Connections, Renovations, Fabrication, Unique & New Equipment, Consulting

About Objective Engineering Inc.

Objective Engineering Inc. was founded by André Brisson, P. Eng.  André founded JADE Engineers Inc. in 2007 & grew it into a successful self-managing niche market entrepreneurial engineering firm.  No longer “Just Another Damn Engineer”, Objective Engineering Inc. was started to continue growing and expanding our expertise in Structural Engineering, Fabrication knowledge and support, Steel Connections, Mobile Cranes, Fall Protection, Product Testing and Expert Witnessing.

Engineering Simplicity Objectively is our reputation and we collaborate with all those involved to solve the problem efficiently. Objective Engineering Inc. is looking for partners to grow each other, to expand knowledge and experiences and to succeed in each others endeavours.

Give us a call to see how we can help you achieve your goals and develop a collaboration for future growth. Many of JADE Engineers Inc. clients continue to support Objective Engineering Inc. and we appreciate everyone’s business.

Understanding our Client


Fast Turnaround

We understand the pressures you face during construction and how a rush job can assist you meet your schedule.


Prioritizing Safety & Compliance

Our solutions reduce hazards, prevent injuries and minmize risks. We ensure our solutions meet building codes and health & safety regulations.


Simple Documentation

Our engineering reports and drawings contain only the the information you need to be confident in the completion of your project.

Objective Engineering is flexible to the needs of our projects. Our unforeseen obstacles are dealt with promptly and with accuracy so delays are kept to a minimum. The engineers understand projects from a contractor’s point of view which has created a long lasting consulting relationship with us.”

Scott Beattie, Site Supervisor – Greenferd Construction Inc.

Contact Us

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