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Propane Railcar Offload Platform

An offload platform consisting of eight platforms, each with a load arm and gangway to connect to each railcar, seven walkways connecting the platforms, two fixed ladders and a main access stair. 

“How the angled sections came together? Like a charm – precision engineering!”

David Shaw

Factor Gas Liquids Inc.

About this Project

The Propane Railcar Offload Platform was designed so that each platform can support its own weight, 2 workers, load arm, gangway and pipes for liquid propane and air vents.

The main access stair and fixed access ladders were custom designed for the height of the platform.  The access stair was placed at the center of the platform for most efficient access point with the ladders at each end for emergency entry and exit from the platform.

The foundations were engineered for the platform using reinforced concrete and the main structure was designed using steel.  The gangway and load arms were designed and supplied by other contractors with the specific support requirements and loading information incorporated into our design. 

To ensure that the platforms cleared the rail line right-of-way and the foundations clear the existing services, a site survey and locate was performed along with consultation with the rail line owner and operators..

The client was provided with a sealed design and erection and fabrication drawings.

Site visits were performed to ensure proper installation and construction site review reports issued.

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