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Custom Stability Testing

This unique piece of equipment is not covered by any Provincial or Federal Regulation or CSA Standard.  A unique stability test procedure was required to be developed as well as a dielectric test criterion to protect the workers working on live power lines.


About this Project

A custom stability testing procedure was developed for a truck mounted insulated aerial device that is a mobile elevating work elevator (MEWP) with an articulating-boom mobile crane.  The unit has rail gear mounted for use on road and rail and has catenary maintenance service body.

The mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) and mobile articulating boom crane were tested separately and then together to determine the capacity of the unit.  Since the MEWP is mounted to a commercial truck chassis and required dielectric resistances, the unit was tested as per CSA C225-10 with the unit structurally meeting the intent of CSA B354.6-17.

There were various requirements for the platform position and work methods including allowing the unit to transit with the platform partially raised with a worker for the inspection of live power lines.  The unit required testing for use with and without the outriggers extended for use with the platform only or the crane only.  The outriggers must be fully deployed if the MEWP and crane are used in unison.

The test loads were suspended from the boom tip of the crane and from the bottom of the extended platform edge.  The unit was determined to be stable for 360° working radius.

During this stability test, the crane was derated for the various platform and elevation configurations as specified by the client.  A derated capacity and operation chart was produced.

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