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We specialize in projects that require unique knowledge and experience
We generate solutions to problems others give up on.
We thrive in gray areas and solve problems
We are not afraid to get dirty

Structural Engineering

Industrial, Construction, Commercial and Fabrication

Steel, aluminum, concrete and wood design

Mobile Cranes and Construction Equipment

Annual structural inspections, compliance reviews, repairs, accident investigations and expert witness

CADD Services

2D AutoCAD and 3D SolidWorks FEA for complex & unique projects

Fall Protection System Design and Inspection

Design, reviews and inspection of custom and unique applications 

Expert Witness Services

ERU and Ambulance Compliance

Consulting, testing, compliance review and certifications

Project and Construction Management

Project engineering support you can count on for your project


Unique Solution Generators

If other engineers say it can’t be done, give us a call. We generate solutions to problems others give up on.


We Take On Challenges

We have never been afraid to take on challenging projects. We work with everyone from the Top Floor to the Bottom Floor to solve the problem.


We Don't Need the "Rules"

Working in the gray areas, we thrive on unique challenges and problems that are not outlined in “the rules”, a specific code or regulation. We create safe and workable solutions.


Quick Decisions

We are not afraid to get dirty, make desicions  and provide direction on the construction site to move a project forward safely.


Our Goal: Safety and Compliance

We make the gray areas work for safety and compliance with sound engineering practices annd descisions.

Part of the Bigger Picture

Objective Engineering Inc. stays current with upcoming changes to CSA Standards as participants of various Technical Committees.  Objective Engineering has over 18 years of expereince on CSA Committees. We believe in the standards development process and to volunteer our time and expertise to their development. 

Objective Engineering is a voting member on the following Technical Committees:

  • Z259 Fall Protection Family of Standards
    • Chair of Z259.0, Definitions & Translations
    • Chair of Z259.13, Manufactured Horizontal Lifelines
  • Z150 Safety Code on Mobile Cranes
    • Chair of Z150 Technical Committee
  • Z150.3 Safety Code on Articulating Boom Cranes
    • Helped develop the first draft

Past Experiences with CSA Technical Committees:

  • C225 Truck Mounted Aerial Devices
  • B354 Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

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Knowledgeable Engineers

Our experience speaks for itself with expertise in Structural Engineering, Fabrication, Mobile Cranes and Construction Equipment, Fall Protection, Emergency Response Units, Load and Product Testing and Custom Fabrication Design.

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Client Testimonials

“Using Objective Engineering Inc. has always saved me time in the field.”

Dave Haldenby

President, Halco Industrial

“They show impeccable attention to detail, versatility and professionalism both on and off site and their ability to commit to the task at hand is second to none.”

Gil VanDenBrink

President, Eastwood Manufacturing

“Their no nonsense approach to complex problems is refreshing to say the least. The turn around time proves they understand the time restraints a contractor can face.”

Shawn Hinton

Project Manager

The Well Design

Design of a fluid diffuser structure with underground installation using a tower crane.

Elevator Retrofit

Structural building modifications of a 150-year old timber building for the installation of a new man-lift.

Rooftop Crane

Design, fabrication drawings and site review of a temporary steel frame and shoring for a rooftop mounted mobile crane for use during renovation construction of a multistory building.

Stability Test

A custom testing procedure designed for a truck chassis mounted with a mobile crane and elevating work platform for use on road and rail.

Railcar Platform

An offload platform consisting of eight platforms, each with a load arm and gangway to connect to each railcar, seven walkways connecting the platforms, two fixed ladders and a main access stair. 

Lanyard Testing

Collaborative project to study and evaluate the effect of wear, environmental degradation and work environment on fall protection lanyard strength.

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